Personalized urns

You will find various sorts of cremation urns. That will help you choose which suits the one you love this is a brief overview of each. For more information about personalized urns, visit our website today.

Bio-Degradable Urns:

These urns are eco-friendly. Urns are often built of 100% made by hand papers and are equipped for temporary or ceremonial use. Remains could be scattered or even the paper urn sailed on water until it dissolves. Many other materials may include clay, acorn and seashell.

Solid Marble Urns:

Marble urns are built of gemstone from quarries found around the globe. Each urn is cut from selected marble, hands finished and polished. Other gemstone urns include granite, quarta movement, onyx, slate, alabaster and fossil.

Portrait Urns:

Sheet bronze or solid wood (usually inside a natural or cherry finish) urn inside an elegant picture fame. A loving method to permanently memorialize the one you love.

Wood Urns:

Superbly hand made usually in oak or walnut. They make the perfect material if you prefer a personalized urn, however hands crafted urns and cabinets may take days or several weeks. Wood Urns possess a warm feel. They are doing need protection and maintenance to help keep the nice and cozy color and retain any detail.

Bronze Urns:

These urns are typically solid and sheet bronze with custom engraving. Bronze is extremely durable and doesn’t rust. They make the perfect choice if you are planning to bury the urn or display it outdoors.

Brass Urns:

Solid brass urns have hues of subtle color or have a pewter finish. Matching discussing urns can be found with nearly every brass urn and can include a velvet presentation box.

Cultured or Manufactured Urns:

Produced from man-made materials or natural (stone) dust, are often crafted into just about any form.


Cloisonne is the skill of using enamel towards the the surface of an urn. Produced from copper wire designs and hands applied enamels. The urn

Is fired, then polished to produce a lasting and vibrant shining finish. A wooden is made of usually incorporated. Want to know more about wood urns and how to get one, visit our website for more information.