Plastic pipe protectors

Oilfield equipment has witnessed an increase in demand following the unparalleled growth observed by the OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) suppliers (globally) in recent occasions. Surging interest in oil and gas has resulted in a significant rise in prices, from $30 per barrel in April 1983 to $108 per barrel in 2011, based on the US Energy Information Administration. It has brought to elevated investment in energy exploration and production. For more information on plastic pipe protectors, visit our website today.

Thread protectors are utilized to safeguard the pipes throughout the procedure for oil exploration and transportation. Their primary task would be to safeguard the threaded areas of the pipe from damage, for example corrosion, impact and connection with pollutants. These pipes are manufactured from two kind of materials:

1. Steel Threads

2. Plastic Threads

Oilfield Equipment: Kinds of Thread Protectors

Protective covers for oilfield equipment does apply to the pipes, by hand or by machines. The primary benefit of metal (steel) protectors is they could be washed and re-used, whereas the plastic thread protectors need to be collected and then re-used or recycled.

The primary kinds of thread protectors used in Oilfield Equipment are:

Plastic Protectors: All-plastic composite protectors can withstand rough handling conditions throughout the transportation process, safeguarding the threads in situation of impact and corrosion. The primary benefit of with such protectors is that they are lightweight, incur lower transportation costs, easily re-functional and recyclable, hence less expensive in the long term.

All Metal Protectors: These are made to cover the entire thread of the pipe and seal the internal and exterior threads of the pipe. The primary benefits these protectors offer are ultimate defense against damage triggered by impact and corrosion. They perform extremely well in extreme climate conditions.

Composite Metal Protectors: These protectors offer the advantages of both plastic and metal protectors:

1. The corrosion resistance of plastic thread protectors, and

2. The impact resistance of steel protectors.

Made to cover the pipe in its whole, their heavy duty protective cover guarantees potential to deal with damages from impact.

Tubular Handling Systems: These protectors are utilized throughout the lifting and offshore transportation procedure for the oil exploration process. Their innovative packaging enables greater density packing for transport/storage and supplies a greater quality of protection throughout these processes. The benefits they provide include getting rid of risks connected with pipe bundles and slings. These protectors also aid to get rid of metal-to-metal contact, which in turn causes friction and results in put on and tear throughout the transportation process.

OCTG are critical oilfield equipment and are part of the overall oil extraction and transportation process. Thread protection plays a significant role in reducing the put on and tear out of this process. To know more about thread protectors suppliers, do not forget to visit our website for more information.