What are the pros and cons of L-shaped modular kitchens? Find here!

Modular kitchens are functional, effective, and stylish for even the smallest spaces. There are numerous layouts and styles to choose from, and as a homeowner, you can always choose to design something that works for your budget. L shaped modular kitchen designs are among the popular choices, and in this post, we are decoding pros and cons for your understanding.

Advantages at a glance

The biggest advantage of L-shaped modular kitchens is the arrangement. Since the working triangle is located close, you won’t have issues doing the daily chores. The sink, stove and countertop will be close to one another, and it is also possible to create designs that also include standalone units and islands. Another plus point is the sizing. Even if you have a small to medium sized kitchen, a L-shaped modular design will work for your needs. There is also enough room to add cabinets on the other walls.

On the flip side

An L-shaped modular kitchen may not be the best idea for big spaces. It is also necessary to ensure that the storage solutions are practical around the corner, because accessing things in those areas is often a problem.

What to consider?

L-shaped modular kitchens are great for some homes, but not ideal for everyone. The size of the kitchen does matter in selecting the shape and type of the layout required, and if you are not so sure on how to get the design right, a wise idea is to hire an installation service. There are numerous installation companies that can help your team in deciding on whether a L-shaped modular kitchen is suited for your home. Some of the standard consideration do matter for selecting L-shaped modular kitchens, such as –

  • Size of the kitchen
  • Storage requirements
  • Overall features required
  • Appliances type
  • Countertops
  • Materials
  • Finishes & textures
  • Need for extras like kitchen island

If you want built-in appliances within the L-shaped modular kitchen, you have to consider the costs, and features like standalone units, pullout drawers, special cabinets will add to the budget. The materials also have a big influence on the price. Some engineered wood varieties are more expensive than plywood, for instance. Countertop sizes may have to be considered for designing a L-shaped modular kitchen too.

Final verdict

Hire a reliable installer and get their design team for a consultation session to know if a L-shaped modular kitchen is ideal or you can do better with standard or parallel designs. It is also wise to get estimates in advance, so that you can compare the prices and select what works for the budget. Extra storage may increase costs but is a wise investment for the long run. Check online now for L-shaped modular kitchen ideas.

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